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Richard & Kadia Merralls

15 Keir Crescent
Masterton 5810

06 378 2097

+64 6 378 2097

06 378 0451





Richard is a Rolls Royce trained mechanic who has raced motorbikes in the U.K. and speedway T.Q. Midgets in New Zealand. His early training included vintage and veteran car restoration working for notable stars of the film industry and preparing cars that were featured in films like Genevieve. He comes from a ‘car’ family and has 2 nephews in the U.K. – who have connections with McLaren’s and TVR.  His family has also been closely linked with boxing over the years – his second cousin was the World Light heavyweight Champion Freddie Mills. His specialty in recent years has been English and European car restoration and he still has a passion for classic cars. His other great interest is world events and politics and many a lively evening has been spent around the dinner table sorting out the world’s problems!


Kadia has a Masters Degree with a major in Tudor history – so buying Lansdowne House seemed an appropriate choice! She owned a recruitment company for many years working for many leading national and international companies. With a lifelong interest in cooking, interior design and entertaining, Lansdowne House has been the culmination of all of those interests. As she is half Norwegian she also loves to travel and both she and Richard have been on many overseas trips together. Her other great love are her St Bernards – she has had 7 in all – Paddington, Chelsea, Wellington, Georgie, Abbey Road, Sammy Girl and now Jazz - Jazzie to her friends - who is 9 months old and everyone's darling! We have had many occasions over the years where people have asked to bring their dogs to Lansdowne House to celebrate their special day. We are always happy to have a beloved family dog here and Jazzie is always happy to welcome them!



Richard and Kadia have now been at Lansdowne House for 13 years and have created a niche market specialising in weddings, 50th an 60th wedding anniversaries and very special birthdays. There is nothing more satisfying, Kadia says, than seeing a group of people, family and friends, coming together to celebrate and enjoy a special occasion.


Oh and the ghosts: Yes, we have two – both very friendly and one is particularly fond of walking down the main staircase smoking a very fragrant cigar!!


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Booking Conditions:
Reservations: Bookings must be confirmed with a valid credit card, upon receipt of which written confirmation will be dispatched to you.

Within 30 days prior to arrival: 25% charge with apply; Within 48hrs notice prior to arrival: 100% charge with apply.


Insurance: Full travel insurance, which protects against unexpected changes to your travel agenda is recommended.


All tariffs are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax



How to find us:


Arriving from the north, drive to the first intersection, turn left towards Castlepoint, take the second left into Totara Street and the third right into Keir Crescent. We are on the left.


From the south (Wellington), drive right through Masterton heading north, come over the bridge and turn right towards Castlepoint. Take the second left into Totara Street and the third right into Keir Crescent. We are on the left.